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Eternity Indigo Cotton Scarf with golden OM symbol

Eternity Indigo Cotton Scarf with golden OM symbol

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Eternity Indigo Dyed Long Scarf: A Fusion of Fashion and Tradition

Embrace the timeless beauty of our Eternity Indigo-Dyed Long Scarf, a luxurious cotton accessory that transcends simple style. This exquisite piece has been meticulously hand-dyed with natural indigo. This scarf showcases a deep, mesmerizing blue that adds an elegant touch to any ensemble.

Highlighting its spiritual essence, each end of the scarf is adorned with hand-block-printed OM symbols in a striking golden hue, making it not just a fashion statement but also a piece imbued with cultural and infusing spiritual significance. This feature makes the scarf an excellent meditation wrap or a meaningful accessory for daily wear.

Handcrafted with care and respect for the environment, our OMSutra scarf is a symbol of sustainable fashion. We recommend washing it separately before use to preserve its rich color and integrity.

This scarf is a labor of love for skilled artisans from India, with each purchase supporting their craftsmanship and traditional techniques. Ideal as a gift or a personal keepsake, the Eternity Indigo Dyed Scarf is perfect for those who appreciate the blend of ethical fashion, spiritual symbolism, and timeless elegance. It is not just a beautiful accessory but also a unique story and a piece of craftsmanship.

Size: 100 cm x 215 cm

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