Collection: Purely Alpaca

Key features which make alpaca the Smarter wool!

* Real - alpaca is 100% natural fiber from adorable animals
* Kind - alpacas are not harmed during their annual "haircut"
* Semi-Hollow Fiber - Naturally a great insulator
* Heat Active - Alpaca is warm even if it get wet!
* Hydrophobic - alpaca deflects water naturally
* Moisture Wicking Fiber - keeps you dry and comfortable
* Odor Resistant - anti-microbial and odor resistant!
* Non-Allergenic - healthy for you and yours
* Non-Itchy - naturally smooth and comfortable fiber
* Eco-Friendly - alpaca fiber processing is non-polluting.
- No harmful oils to dissolve out of their fiber.
- A simple, non-toxic gentle soap is all that's needed.