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Wolf Lichen (Letharia Vulpina) for Arts, Crafts, Dyes, Decorations, 1oz

Wolf Lichen (Letharia Vulpina) for Arts, Crafts, Dyes, Decorations, 1oz

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Sourced from the enchanting landscapes of the Mt. Shasta region in Northern California, Wolf Lichen is a living plant with historical significance as it was utilized by Native Americans for dyes. Beyond its practical uses, it serves as a vibrant and eye-catching decoration, adding a striking and bold allure to any space, especially when adorning altars or sacred areas.

This Wolf Lichen, historically employed for dyes, imparts a distinctive, almost neon chartreuse-like hue, traditionally favored in the realm of fiber arts, such as dyeing cotton or wool. 

Though gently and naturally dried, this live lichen plant has the remarkable ability to be revitalized with a simple spray of water. Its resilience is evident in its high tolerance to drought, showcasing its true vitality during the wet season.  

Caution is advised, however, as this natural wonder should never be eaten or used in close proximity to food. Wash hands after handling.

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