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10 "B" Quality Knobcone Pine Cone Slices for Jewelry Crafts

10 "B" Quality Knobcone Pine Cone Slices for Jewelry Crafts

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Knobcone slices, finished, unsanded, unsealed, various sizes.

What you see is what you get! Photos as shown. Shows the front and back side of these "A" Quality slices.  New Photos Posted each listing. 

Before you order- look at the photos!  These are not Premium these are "B" cuts - not as big as the A cuts in my shop and some minor reasons they didn't make the A list.

All core cuts! Won't come apart if you push the center. Only 1-2 core cuts are possible from a single cone! So ordering this is like ordering 10 + cones!

Minimal insect holes, can be sanded off. 

Beautiful aesthetic greying around the edges

Seeds are normal! Seeds can fall out and leave holes.

Finished with organic tung oil to preserve moisture, not sealed! Dark color is because of the Tung Oil 

Ready for sanding, decorating, sealing, whatever you do!

Roughly 1.5- 2 inches wide or long, 1/2 inch + thickness.

Ready to make your own Jewelry and Crafts with!

Generous Selection! 

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