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Solar Flare Lapis Lazuli Knobcone Pine Cone Pendant Necklace

Solar Flare Lapis Lazuli Knobcone Pine Cone Pendant Necklace

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A soulful creation by Goldie, the proprietor of Aphorial shop.

This pendant is meticulously crafted from the sacred core of the knob cone pine cone, carefully wildcrafted from the majestic Mt. Shasta in California.

The wood undergoes a treatment with organic Tung Oil, followed by sealing with a non-toxic acrylic glaze. What sets these pendants apart is their finish—light, natural, and free from plastic resin coating, preserving the intrinsic beauty of the material.

The pendant comes with a waxed cotton cord, featuring a sliding double barrel knot, offering flexibility with an adjustable length of up to 20 inches, customizable to a smaller size.

Lapis Lazuli, a stone known for its protective qualities, graces this creation. It possesses the ability to discern psychic attacks, actively working to neutralize any adverse energies directed your way.

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